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THE PAST and THE FUTURE:: Hemp, Cannabis Sativa, as a source of fiber, food, fuel, medicine and spiritual rites for thousands of years.

 As it was, so it is, and shall be.

   At a time when resources are depleting, hemp offers answers to the food, fuel and fiber shortage. With proper funding and management the hemp industry could very well turn the tide on de-forestation, green house gases, fuel shortages and food shortages.

So step through our front door and examine some of the wares available wherever hemp is sold and traded including  several other exotic and intriguing items , enjoy your tour and please stop into our virtual cafe and meet your hosts and other shoppers. Your satisfaction is our goal

Our Mission: To grow with the hemp industry providing quality hemp and hemp related products. We are new and growing and learning.

Attention: Announcing our new related ChatRoom, there you can meet friendly folk and discuss some of our productscommencing Nov. 1, 2003

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